The roof over your head is responsible for protecting your home, family, and personal belongings from the natural elements. At the same time, it should be attractive enough to add to the aesthetic appeal and value to your home. Keeping all of this in mind is important as you decide which roofing products to choose for your new roof installation. Fortunately, CertainTeed roofing systems make the choice easy, offering high-quality shingles and residential roofing products that are made to last and look great. Below are a few of the top benefits of installing this popular industry brand.

At Roof Positive, we offer a wide selection of CertainTeed roofing products to fit the needs, tastes, and budget. We are proud to be a certified CertainTeed roofing contractor, which lives up to our roofing company’s commitment to only using high-quality roofing materials for our customers. Our roofing contractors follow the manufacturer’s best installation practices for a beautiful, long-lasting roof.

Types of CertainTeed Roofing Shingles We Offer

CertainTeed roofing shingles come in a range of textures, colors, and styles, making it easier to find the perfect roof to complement the architectural design of your home. Some of the CertainTeed roofing products we use most include: 

Presidential Shake® TL

These high-quality, tri-laminate roofing shingles are among the thickest, toughest, and most durable shingles on the market. These luxury shakes have the look of cedar shake shingles, but the long-lasting durability of laminate shingles, all at a relatively low price point. Available in a variety of colors, you can find the perfect color for your home. With a great fire rating, an impressive 110 mph wind resistance, and great available warranties, you can rest assured your roof will provide superior protection.

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Landmark® Shingles

Certainteed Landmark® Shingles offer high performance due to more depth, thickness, and dimension. When homeowners are looking for the most reliable choices for protecting and beautifying their home, are roofing experts are quick to recommend these shingles. These roofing shingles are available in a variety of different colors and styles. When you choose Landmark shingles, you choose enhanced beauty, durability, and security of your home for years to come.

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