GAF is one of the largest manufacturers of residential roofing materials in that nation and is most known for manufacturing high quality residential asphalt shingles, capable of producing more styles, looks, and colors that could have once been believed possible with such a simple, classic type of shingle. 

At Roof Positive, we offer a wide selection of GAF roofing shingles for homeowners that want a durable roof that they can rely on for years to come. As one of the best roofing companies in the area, our roofers have used GAF residential shingles for decades. We know and understand the best installation practices for GAF shingles, so you can trust that when we are finished with your roofing project, you’ll be left with a roof that not only looks good, but that offers the durability and performance you need to protect your home. 

Types of GAF Shingles Our Roofers Install

At Roof Positive, we offer a wide selection of GAF residential shingles that can add timeless texture and dimensionality to your roof that is sure to stand out. Some of the GAF shingles we install include:

Timberline HD® 

GAF’s Timberline HD® shingles are the nations best-selling residential shingles, and for good reason — they offer excellent value, outstanding performance, and an earthy wood-shake look. These advanced shingles provide superior protection from the elements and help your roof look better and last longer.

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The Camelot shingles from GAF offer luxurious, sophisticated design, and optimal performance — all at an affordable cost. These residential shingles will give your home a classic, hand-crafted look , all for almost the same cost as traditional residential asphalt shingles. With DuraGrip™ adhesive sealant, a variety of premium color blends, and an affordable price point, you cannot go wrong with these shingles!

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Grand Sequoia ® 

GAF’s Grand Sequoia roofing shingles come in a variety of handcrafted shapes, oversized tabs, and unmatched visual dimension for a natural look that blends into the surroundings. These rugged shingles can withstand high winds, extreme hear, and other adverse weather conditions.

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Choose the Experienced GAF Roofing Contractors

Roof Positive has installed GAF residential shingles on numerous homes as they offer the durability, appeal, and performance to your home’s roof. If you are interested in learning more about GAF roofing products, contact us!